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Custom Design is Welcomed!

We Realize That Every Home Has Its Own Dimension's and Demands!

We at Moose Crossing take great pride in our one of a kind creations! Daniel Metzger is lead designer of the Live Edge Burl Art our company creates. We mill the large majority of the vast selection of slabs on our property. Every tree produced through Mother Nature is one of a kind and at her mercy! Our team is more than happy to find a species and live edge slab to fit your needs in our large selection of burl and wood species. Our production studio is local to Western North Carolina at only 30 minutes from Asheville N.C. This allows us the honor of some of America's most beautiful wood species next to the Might Redwood. At Moose Crossing we deal in Americas finest figured wood species available throughout the country!

Wood Types

We Offer A Large Variety Of Wood Types Please Contact Us To Learn More

Claro Walnut

Old Growth Redwood

Second Growth Redwood

Big Leaf Maple

NC Hard Rock Maple

NC Black Walnut

NC Box Elder

NC White Oak

We at Metzger's Burl Wood Gallery specialize in All-American Hard and Soft woods that display magnificent Burl patterns and Live Edge designs! A majority of our wood species are local to Western North Carolina and surrounding states. This includes and is not limited to Hard Rock and Silver Maple, Box Elder, Cherry, Black Walnut, White and Red Oak, Sycamore and other burled species. Stephen Metzger originated this business in California, which allows us the privilege to be one of the largest East Coast dealers of California Redwood and Big Leaf Maple. All of these wood species acquire different Burl figuring and Live Edge specifications!

Dimensions & Design

Different Specifications Require Different Species!

Live Edge Burl Furniture is very unique in the aspect that its is possible to fill a 12' + 8' with a solid ONE piece creation of Mother Nature! We specialize in California Redwood for a reason, and that reason is pure MAGNITUDE! If you desire a large piece of Live Edge furniture in your house our biggest pieces are generally Redwood. We also offer large Maple, Oak, Walnut and limited Box Elder. If your project requires a bigger slab than one piece fills we are able to bookmatch Live Edge Slabs to create a one of a kind piece of Art. Live Edge Furniture is also very accomodating due to the ability to create any shape that your home desires. We are able to imitate Mother Nature and add character to any saw cut edge.

Burl Patterns and Figuring

We Offer Some Of The Most Unique Patterns Out There Contact Us To Learn More

Birdseye Burl (Redwood)

Curly Burl (Maple)

Straight Grain, NO BURL or FIGURING (Redwood)

Spalted Figuring (Big Leaf Maple)

Crotch Figuring (Black Walnut)

Lace Burl (Redwood)

Birdseye Burl (Maple)

Curly Burl (Redwood)

Ambrosia (Box Elder)

Our Live Edge Burl Slabs are much like picking that perfect diamond! A finely Burled and Figured log is only produced by Mother Nature herself. She decides the depth and type of Burl to inlay within the tree! These Burl Patterns include Birdseye, Curly/Ribbon, Quilted, Ambrosia, Spalted and Quarter Sawn. Each of the Burl and Figuring patterns have different quality levels. At Metzgers Burl Wood Gallery we take great pride in searching and sourcing across the United States for the finest and highest grade product possible!

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