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Custom Live Edge Burl Furniture Made in Waynesville, North Carolina

Rustic Furniture with an Elegant and Artistic Finish
Over 45 years in the business and Family Owned
Each Piece Signed and Dated as a piece of Art

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1974 to Present, The Metzger family salvages Large Rare Burls, each Ethically sourced, All American Woods. Burls are carefully cut and prepared for production on site. Burl slabs are crafted into Live Edge Furniture and Art. Visit our Burl Gallery 101 North Main St, Waynesville NC . Custom Orders welcome, large or small. Our Art begins with Nature, Burls are truly the “ Jewels of Wood” Enjoy Our Video Story! ..

From Nature to Furniture

Mother Nature begins the process and our team completes the finishing steps

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Step 1: Mother Natures Artistic Design

What's a Burl? And, why so rare and beautiful? Burls are abnormal growths on a tree. It is a disruption of the normal cellular growth. A reaction to a stress on the tree. That can be a physical, environmental or invasive stress. The burl is fast growing and presents itself as a bump on the side of the tree. These rare woods have swirled, curly or striped grain patterns. Sought after by artist for their dramatic figure.

Step 2: Even the Mighty Fall

Even though they are the most desired and rare, time still plays its role in the lifespan. A large and finely figured burl does not go un-noticed once it has fallen. We are always welcoming new finely figured woods on our property. We deal in finely figured American woods. California Redwood, Claro and Black Walnut, East and West Coast Maple, Red and White Oak, Cherry, Sycamore and other locally sourced woods.

Step 3: The Work Begins

Once Mother Nature is done with its masterpiece the fun begins. We have multiple forms of transporting a burl depending on its size and weight. Our team then proceeds with adequate transportation to deliver the gorgeous tree to our property for its journey into LIVE EDGE ART.

Step 4: Whatever Means Necessary

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Step 5: Patience is a Virtue

Live Edge furniture gets its name from the fact that it had a "heartbeat" through Mother Nature at one time. A burl fulfilled its life as a beautiful tree and begins its next life as a Live Edge piece of furniture or art. It is essential to air dry wood in many forms of integrity (whole or milled) Once a tree has gotten past its shock stage we then begin the long process of tree to slab!

Step 6: Unveiling Mother Natures Art as a Live Edge Slab

Beautiful large burl logs are studied and positioned for the perfect cut. Ah! the drama that is released when the grain is revealed. Slab after slab are carefully cut from the old trees.

Step 7: Freshly cut Burl Slab

Our yard is always full of precisely stacked slabs. We band our slabs with the rest of the tree. Dried together, these slabs can become book matched tables and art for your home. Call for volume orders 828-452-2550

Step 8: Dramatic color and grain in each slab

Here is an example of the drama in a cut slab. High figure and colorful burl are the norm at our studio. Contact our design team at 828-452-2550. Custom and volume orders welcome.

Step 9: Art for your home

One of a kind art furniture. Each piece is a rarity in nature. It is prepared to grace your home. "Nature Provides us with Wood of Beauty, We Preserve, Protect and Accentuate those Gifts" Enjoy our Art,, The Metzgers

Design Studio

Where custom work starts. We make your dreams come true!

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Beautiful work and design!! All of the pieces in the gallery have warm welcoming feeling to them. Very Nice Quality!

Charles S.

The Burl Wood Desks, we purchased for our office are amazing to say the least, they really give a warm feel to the space.

Ben B.

Great family owned business that carries unique locally made and handcrafted artwork. Definitely worth a visit!

Catherine C.


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A few of many large Slabs, ready for custom projects

A few of many large Slabs, ready for custom projects

large slabs up to 23 feet long.Redwood, Maple, and Oak 

Dining Table Live edge Slabs, Islands, or Conference tables 

We make your dreams come true.

Recent large burls - ready to cut

Recent large burls - ready to cut

Steve and some of our exceptional burl logs. Large wood at the Studio, Ready for production. Come choose your slab and see your ta...
New Shipment Arriving Soon!!

New Shipment Arriving Soon!!

Moose Crossing just got back from California!! Over 70,000 pounds of Live Edge Slabs awaiting arrival Including Redwood, Walnut, Maple and Manzan...

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