Burl Waterfalls / Fountains

Burl Waterfalls / Fountains

Cutting Hickory slabs

Cutting Hickory slabs

The art of Metal and Wood. Exhibit at Haywood Art Council Gallery

Come visit the Haywood County Art Council Gallery. 86 North Main Street Waynesville. We are part of an exhibit of Wood and Metal Art. A collaboration of professional artists by invitation.

Hickory Slab, new cuts for production

Hickory Slab, new cuts for production

burl oak 6 1/2 feet diameter

this impressive Oak is over 6 1/2 feet in diameter. Truly a giant of its species. We are fortunate to have a photo of it in life. It died in 2013. the spectacular Burl log is now at our yard and ready to cut. Once in a life time wood!! The "Phoenix" burled Oak. Ready to cut. 20 foot long slabs, 6 + feet in diameter Ready for your dining table or conference table

Summer Wood Cutting

Exceptional Ambrosia Maple log.

Collecting a Large Burl

It is great honor to harvest an old large burl. This 7 1/2 foot diameter maple burl had to be taken out to make a house pad. It had grown around a large rock. Cutting was carefully executed. The burl was lifted out by an excavater. It is now at the design studio waiting to be cut into table slabs. The wood has deep color variations and dramatic grain. Truly a jewel of wood. Daniel and the BURL

Recently Acquired Log Moving Equipment

Great extendable forklift. 22000 pounds We can move ANY sized logs!! Watch for our upsized saw... coming soon!! OH yeah! more power, more wood!

Newly Opened Moose Crossing’s Burl Wood Design Studio.

Moose Crossing Burl Wood Gallery and Moose Crossing Burl Wood Design Studio WOW!! 2 store fronts in downtown Waynesville. Come see the beautifully crafted burl wood furnishings and art, then peruse The selection of unfinished slabs next door. You may be inspired to try your hand constructing your own piece of art. Or, you may want to choose a slab and let us craft for you, Either way, you get to see your vision develop from raw to finished product. Enjoy!!


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